teamwork and progress

When talents are interested and integrated into your business, they will perform true miracles as a sustainable team. Creating a team, where the persons are passionated about to write code for, is the right way to go digital.

open code and freedom

People's greatest motivation does not come from salaries but from the passion to make a real contribution. It is for this reason that we use open source software in which the whole of humanity can participate and contribute. Good code belongs to all of mankind and therefore it must be free and open. 



The future is already here – it’s just not very evenly distributed.



The use of digital services and the associated approach to IT assets has proven themselves to be a challenge for many companies.

Even if we replace technologies, restructure departments and preach down the goals in monday catchup meetings...

The essence is not hidden behind the technology. To get the digitalization we really want, we have to understand how we deal with our fellow human beings, with technology and how to implement the design of this work deeply into our culture.

After a long journey of working and learning - these thoughts are the guiding principles I stand up for. Me as a member of a team, which has followed and driven digitization forward for a long time.